Department of Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics

Founded in 2001. Head: Alexander A. Firsov, ScD, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences






  • A. A. Firsov, ScD, Professor, Corresponding Member of RAS;
  • Y. A. Portnoy, Sen. Researcher;
  • M. V. Golikova, PhD, Sen. Researcher;
  • E. N. Strukova, PhD, Sen. Researcher;
  • S. A. Dovzhenko, PhD, Sen. Researcher;
  • M. B. Kobrin, Sen. Researcher;
  • N. E. Grammatikova, PhD, Sen. Researcher;
  • I. Y. Lubenko, Engineer;
  • I. V. Belitskii, Engineer;
  • E. E. Kuleshova, Sen. Technician;
  • K. N. Alieva, PhD student

Main Research Areas:

  • PK/PD studies using in vitro simulations of human antibiotic pharmacokinetics
  • Predicting resistant mutant enrichment when simulating clinically relevant antibiotic dosing regimens
  • Pre-clinical and clinical pharmacokinetics of antibiotics and other agents

Major Achievements:

  • Development of methodology of PK/PD studies using in vitro simulations of antibiotic pharmacokinetics
  • Development of a general approach to predict the effective concentrations and dosing regimens with novel antibiotics
  • Modeling of bacterial resistance development using in vitro dynamic models
  • Predicting “anti-mutant” antibiotic dosing

List of selected references is HERE

  • Research collaboration:
  • Research Institute of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (Smolensk)
  • Research Institute of Infections in Childhood (Saint-Petersburg)
  • Harvard University (Cambridge, USA)
  • The University of New Jersey (Newark, USA)

Contacts: Phones: +7(495)708-3341, +7(499)245-2095; E-mail: