Departament of Producers Mutagenesis and Strain Improvement

Established in 1965. Head: Olda A. Lapchinskaya, Sc.D.


  • O.A.Lapchinskaya, ScD
  • E.G.Gladkikh, PhD, Sen. Researcher
  • M.O.Makarova, PhD, Sen. Researcher
  • G.I.Orlova, PhD, Sen. Researcher
  • N.A.Lvova, PhD, Researcher
  • V.A.Filicheva, Researcher
  • L.A.Kharitonova, Researcher
  • V.V.Pogozheva, Researcher
  • A.N.Yakovenko, Sen. technololist
  • L.I.Nikitina, technician
  • A.V.Baganina, technololist
  • M.Y.Lapchinskaya, technician
  • S.D.Dolgorukova, Sen. technololist
  • E.D.Turlyanskaya, technololist
  • V.A.Prokpyeva, technololist

Main Research Areas:

  • Radiation and chemical mutagenesis in actinomyces culturing
  • Primary metabolism and antibiotic production
  • Spontaneous and mutation variability of strain producers
  • Selection of industrial producers of antibiotics

Major Achievements:

  • Development of selection approaches to obtain the super-producers of antibiotics
  • Development of the methodology of regulation of the antibiotic production using antimetabolites
  • Development of industrial producers of antibacterial (ristomycin, linkomycin, apramycin, tobramycin, heliomycin, eremomycin) and antitumor (daunorubycin, carminomycin, bleomycin, olivomycin, bruneomycin) antibiotics
  • Development of veterinary antibiotics (apramycin, heliomycin, ristomycin)
  • Discovery of new antibacterial antibiotics, e.g. 3,-deoxykanamycin C and lipoglicopeptide ( INA 5812)
  • Active producers of antibacterial (demethylvancomycin) and antifungal (irumamycin) antibiotics

You can see the list of publications of laboratory staff HERE

Research collaboration:

  • N.D.Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry Russian Academy of Sciences

Contacts: Phone +7(499)245-01-54; E-mail:

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