Sector for the Development of Methods for Discovery of Biologically Active Compounds

Sector for the Development of Methods for Discovery of Biologically Active Compounds Established in 1997

Head of sector is DPhil (biology) Alexey S. TRENIN

Staff:Senior staff scientist candidate of science Olga P. Bychkova; Scientific associate candidate of science Tatiana M. Kopylova; Scientific associate Mrs. Elena A. Tsvigun; Junior researcher Mrs. Maria A. Maksimova; Laboratory assistant Mrs. Elena M. Pichugina; Laboratory assistant Mrs. Olga A. Naumenko

    Main research areas:
  • Development of new methods for search and identification of antibiotics and other biologically active substances of microbial origin, enhancement of screening device
  • Development of new microbiological and biochemical models for the search of new antibiotics possessing antimicrobial, antiviral, antitumoral, or hypolipidemic activity
  • Search for new antibacterial, antifungal and antineoplastic antibiotics, as well as hypolipidemic substances that are efficient in prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and fungal disease
  • Studies mechanisms of action of antibiotics
  • Main results:
  • New methods of research and identification of antibiotics and biologically active microbial substances (according to the mechanism of action) have been developed and implemented at the institute in screening work for isolation of new antibiotics
  • New models and systems for screening of novel inhibitors of sterol biosynthesis, as well as antifungal and antineoplastic antibiotics have been developed
  • Original method for screening of inhibitors of reverse transcriptase has been developed
  • There has been performed the screening of microbial metabolites revealing hypolipidemic activity: several substances were isolated perspective for treatment of various kinds of dislipoproteinemia.
  • New microbial metabolites that inhibit sterol biosynthesis have been isolated, as well as antifungal and antitumoral antibiotics, which are perspective for further development of drugs for treatment of appropriate disorders

To look through the list of main publications of the sector click HERE

Scientific cooperation:

  • Department of of Microbiology, Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Institute of Microbiology, the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow)
  • Institute of Gene Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow)
  • Innovation Technological Center of Biologically Active Compounds, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow)

Contact information: Sector for the Development of Methods for Discovery of Biologically Active Compounds, Gause Institute of New Antibiotics, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 11 Bolshaya Pirogovskaya Street, Moscow 119021, RUSSIA.

Phone: +7(499) 246-27-51; e-mail:

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